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We work with the leading brands in Turkey; and offer you the best products in the market with reasonable prices.


FMCG - acronym from wooden blocks with letters, fast moving consumer goods FMCG concept,

SOFTWARE (Warehouse managment systems)

Warehouse management system plays a critical role in seamless service provision and efficient operations in medium-sized and large businesses, regardless of whether they are production-oriented or sales-oriented. With the Warehouse management system, which enables integrated management of the value chain, all processes can be managed efficiently, from product entry to the warehouse, whether they are produced, imported, purchased or sold wholesale, to their shipment to the customer. This way, companies not only lower their costs, but also increase efficiency and therefore customer satisfaction.

bilgisayar Programlama


we serve in the food supplement industry. with Norwegian health brand

Our products are produced in Norway, where fishing heritage has been

passed down for centuries. We carry out the entire process in Norway,

from bottling encapsulation and labeling to the final product to be

presented to the consumer.


We are interested in avocado trade since 2017.Also we have warehouses in Kenya and Turkey.

Image by Hitoshi Namura
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